Get your voice heard with a station that's for everyone

Be part of a community of people who believe in supporting information, education and entertainment to everyone. 2RPH is more than just a community radio station, it's an organisation that brings a comforting, familiar voice to those who may be housebound, who cannot read printed material, who wish to develop their English language skills, and who enjoy opinion-free news delivered straight into their home.

Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member of 2RPH is a more than just funding a local radio station, it means supporting community radio and the livelihoods of those who depend on radio reading services, like 2RPH, to stay informed, educated on news, current affairs and social issues, and entertained.

2RPH holds a privileged position in NSW as the only organisation providing a daily reading service by radio. It is the memberships and donations by our valued listeners and volunteers who keep this vital service going, and we hope you too can become a part of our community.

A 2RPH member means:

  • To support community radio in Australia
  • To support 2RPH as an organisation that provides a vital service to NSW residents who have poor vision or who are blind
  • To support 2RPH as a place of bringing together volunteers from across Sydney to give back to their community
  • To vote at the Annual General Meeting and have your say in the direction of the station
  • To receive all the latest updates, news and announcements through the 2RPH monthly e-newsletter
  • To get to know other members and become part of a growing community of listeners, members and supporters

Our members

A photo of two women sitting in a 2RPH studio.

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