New program alert - Meditative Moments

Fri, 21 February 2020

Program profile: Meditative Moments

2020 promises to deliver a suite of new programs, the first of which is Meditative Moments, a weekly program to help you relax before bedtime. Here, we talk with 2RPH producer and presenter Teresa Plane.

Meditative Moments Web

What is the program about?

Today, with internet and television shows, books and CDs, how do we decide where to start our own empowerment journey? Meditative Moments is a program that addresses areas of stress management, personal empowerment and spirituality. I source material from a range of publications, including Breathe magazine, Spirituality and Health, and External Ink Publications. I believe there is a quiet spirituality within all of us and if we took the time to slow down and look within, we would be able to develop greater contentment and happiness without our lives.

How did I come up with the idea for the program?

During the week, 2RPH finishes the day with the Book at Bedtime. On Sunday nights, however, it finishes by crossing to the BBC mid-program, which I thought could cause a listener to switch to another station. I thought the 15 minutes following Messages of Hope could serve a twofold purpose: a quiet moment of reflection and inspiration, and secondly, I remember being told in the 1980s by John Brennan, manager of 2UE at the time, that, “If you can get a listener tuned in before they go to sleep, they will be tuned in to your station the next morning”. His words resonated with me and because I wouldn’t want listeners to miss Mary Jane and Natalie, 2RPH presenters, on Monday’s Breakfast program, I thought I could help fill a much-needed gap with a new program.

Any last words you would like to share?

I am so excited about this program. I hope it appeals to listeners of all ages. I know life is often a challenge and sometimes an inspirational word can lift the spirit and give one the courage and example to pull through. My hope is that Meditative Moments acts as that gentle word of encouragement.

To hear Teresa present Meditative Moments on 2RPH, tune in on Sundays at 9.15pm. Listen on 1224AM, 100.5FM, DAB+ digital and web streaming –